• Heavy Duty Laminate Door Gym Lockers

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Gym Lockers

We can offer two different types  Heavy Duty Laminate Door Gym lockers which offer total strength and security to any locker room.

Product Description

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Gym Lockers

We can offer two types of Heavy Duty Laminate Door Gym Lockers.
Heavy Duty Gym lockers or Extra Heavy Duty Gym lockers.
Both types of locker are especially suited for Gym locker rooms.
The lockers can be manufactured for wet or Dry areas.
Laminate doors 10 mm thick.
Heavy Duty lockers have plant on Laminate doors.
The doors cover the complete steel frame of the locker and nested with other lockers allows a visual effect of a complete wall of laminate colour.
Extra Heavy Duty Gym Lockers have inset Laminate doors,
The Laminate Doors are inset into the lockers steel frame with a double locking system.
As a result it makes this particular locker probably the most secure on the market today.
Huge range of Laminate door colours to chose from .Laminate Colours
Choice of Body colours  Locker Paint colours
Various different locking options including Cam locks with keys,Hasp locks for padlock use.
Coin operated locks,Combination locks,Electronic locks.
Laminate end of locker run end panels are available to match your door colour choice.
Furthermore locker doors can be numbered together with Numbered key fobs that match the corresponding door number.
Various locker sizes available,
Offered in 1-6 compartments,
Prices on request,
Free UK Mainland delivery.
Installation service if required.
Please allow around 20 working days for delivery.


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