Lockers with Combination locks

We can supply Lockers with combination locks on almost all the lockers we supply. The most common lockers requested are our Steel door lockers with 1-6 doors.

We can also add these to our lockers with Laminate doors also.

The two locks we offer are,

1) 4 Digit Mechanical Combination locks with a key override facility. These locks are normally for employers who allocate 1 locker per employee and allows them to set their own 4 digit code for continuous use. (If the code is forgotten a master override key is supplied that allows you to open the lock and set a new code.)

2) Electronic Digital Combination locks, these locks are powered by 2 x AAA batteries that last for over 15,000 openings. Some have an override key and some have a 8 digit master code. These locks can be set for private or for public use where the combination can be changed each time a different user requires to use that locker.

Enhance your locker security with our latest range of digital locks that provide advanced security features and ease of use. Upgrade your lockers today with our cutting-edge locking solutions designed for schools and leisure facilities.