Mini Wallet lockers are ideal for storing small personal items such as phones,wallets,Coins,watches,cameras etc.

We can supply these small compact lockers for both wet and dry areas and offer various types of locking including Coin operated locks.

Also available are High Security Mini visitors clear view lockers allowing the viewing of items inside the locker without unlocking which are highly used prisons,Power stations or where phone are not prohibited.

See options below for details

Premier Mini Wallet Lockers 5 To 40 Compartments

Mini wallet lockers

Mini Wallet lockers for Wet and Dry Areas

Mini Wallet lockers

Probe 20 Compartment Mini Wallet Lockers

Mini Wallet lockers

Mini Lockers with High Security Clear view doors

Mini wallet lockers with perspex doors

Extra Small Wallet lockers

Extra small wallet lockers

Probe Half Height 8 & 16 Compartment Mini Wallet Lockers

Probe 8 Compartment Mini Wallet Lockers

Mini Wallet Laminate Lockers

Mini locker with Laminate doors