• Heavy Duty Laminate Door Staff Lockers
  • Premier lockers supplied Heavy Duty visitor lockers to the National Trust

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Staff Lockers

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Staff lockers are available with plant on doors or inset doors.
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Product Description

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Staff lockers

Heavy Duty Laminate Door Staff lockers are a strong robust locker.
Each locker has a Steel carcass with 10 mm thick Laminate doors.
Generally available in one to six doors and in various locker sizes,
1775 mm high x 300 mm ,380 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm wide x 300 mm,380 mm,450 mm,500 mm deep.
These Staff Lockers are available in two different variations the Heavy Duty locker or the Extra Heavy Duty locker.

Heavy Duty Lockers

Heavy Duty Lockers have 10 mm thick doors planted onto the front of the locker which covers the complete steel frame of the locker allowing a complete visual image of a wall of colour along a full run of lockers along a corridor or wall.

Extra Heavy Duty lockers with inset Laminate doors

The Extra Heavy Duty locker has 10 mm thick doors inset into the steel door frame and coupled with additional secure double locking  makes this a very secure locker.

As a result it makes this locker above all the most secure Staff locker on the market today.

A generally highly chosen locker for a number of schools and workplaces where the problem and possibility of theft from lockers has or could be an issue.

A large selection of door colours are available   Laminate Colours
Each locker has a choice of door locking options chose from a Quality Cam lock with two keys per door or a Large Heavy Duty Diamond Swivel lock for padlock use.
Master keys are available.
Other locking options are available including Coin locking ,Combination locks with key override facility and Electronic locks.
Sloping tops and Stands are also available.
Numbered doors or furthermore an oval recessed number plate can be engraved into the door if required.
Keys can also have numbered discs attached to correspond with locker door numbers.
Locker door numbers can be numbered accordingly to our customers needs.
 A large choice of  powder coated Body colours available  Locker Paint colours
For a split Two door locker  Laminate Door Staff & Gym Z Lockers
Prices on request,
Free UK Mainland delivery,
Installation service available.


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