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Heavy Duty Laminate Door School lockers

Heavy Duty Laminate Door School lockers are designed for Schools who require the most secure vandal resistant lockers.10 mm thick Laminated doors adds strength and security.
Locker sizes
1775 mm High x 300 mm wide x 300 mm deep,
1775 mm High x 380 mm Wide x 380 mm deep,
1775 mm High x 380 mm Wide x 450 mm deep,
1775 mm High x 300 mm wide x 450 mm deep
1775 mm High x 450 mm wide x 450 mm deep
Heavy Duty lockers with Plant on 10 mm thick Laminate doors which cover the complete locker frame giving a full laminate wall of bright colour.
Extra Heavy Duty lockers with doors inset into the locker frame with extra secure locking making this locker the most secure on the market today.
The solid grade laminate outer face of the Heavy Duty provides a tough locker door which is Moisture resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant and heat resistant,each door can have a recessed oval Number or an engraved number on the door.
Available in 3 different body colours Light Grey,Black,White,
Large choice of Laminate door colours to choose from let us know the colour you require click link  Arpa Laminate coloursFormica collection 10 mm,
Locking types include coin-operated, (collect or refund) high quality cam locks,Hasp locks(for padlock use.) Combination locks are available with a master key to override the combination.Electronic locks are also available.
The Heavy Duty locker is available in 6 door options from full length to six compartment doors.
Flat tops are standard,but Steel sloping tops are available.
Stands,Laminate end of locker run end panels available,
Please email us with your details ,Prices on request

Product Description

Heavy Duty Laminate Door School lockers have 10 mm thick Laminated doors for total strength and security.We can offer two different types of School locker.
All lockers are available with one to six doors.
Heavy Duty School lockers have Plant on doors which allows the coloured door to completely cover the Steel locker frame and once installed gives a wonderful bright wall of colour to class rooms and corridors.
Extra Heavy Duty School lockers have inset doors into the Steel locker frame making them extra secure to break ins because of the double locking system making this the most highly secure locker on the market today this locker is the most vandal resistant locker today.


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